Sunday, September 11, 2016

So tomorrow is the next biggest day in the life of this ministry and in our lives. We are baking another round of 400+ cookies. These cookies are for 25 local businesses. Menus will be included. We also plan to return to the High Springs Farmer's Market starting in October. Come and see us! While there we will sell cookies, invite people to church, hand out our cookie menus, hand out Gideon New Testaments, and interact with the wonderful people in our community. There is no time to waste! We can't stress it enough that life is so fragile and tenuous. People who need Jesus are living right around the corner. People need Jesus! We ALL need Jesus. And you know what? We must work to bring Him into the lives of the lost and the saved. There is no better time than the present, don't you think? Check us out at the beginning of summer sweating it out at the market. We're hoping that October is a bit more cool because the Lemon Pizzazz cookies don't enjoy the heat!

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