Friday, October 7, 2016

Have you have had a hurricane cookie? Well we opened up at the High Spring's Farmers Market in High Springs in spite of some off and on drizzle and breeze. Matthew was churning in the Atlantic Ocean and still the ladies had an amazing day. We ended up with a bit too many cookies, but we were quick to share the leftovers. They met many Florida Crackers who would never let a good storm get them down! We were invited to put our cookies in a local barber shop and we sold nearly everything we put in there. We quickly replenished the supply at the request of the shop owner. Woot! More for the kids!! Our new labels are in use and our very sturdy packaging. We also purchased a new/used mixer which will give us a little help with the heavy dough lifting. We debuted our two new cookies. They are called Simon Peter's Pumpkin Eaters and Chocolate Charlies. Check out the pics. We will keep everyone posted on our doings. Our pastor was driving by a car accident and saw a police officer giving a young child one of our Ouch Pouches. Wow! God is so good!

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