Thursday, October 13, 2016

It was a glorious day at High Springs Farmer's Market! The weather was amazing! We sold cookies, gave out a few New Testaments and menus, and enjoyed getting to know our market neighbors. A man on a lawn mower drove down and bought cookies and a car full of people stopped in front of our booth and bought some. We definitely are looking forward to spending the season downtown every Thursday. We put our signs out because if you build it they definitely will come. God is so good! One of our customers said that she has had so much difficulty eating because of digestive problems and she just knew that those cookies had to be full of the Holy Spirit because they just went down and set on her tummy so nicely. Well of course they did! Jesus is ALL in this people! I took some photos of our setup so you can see that we first of all are neat freaks! LOL! We keep a tidy shop! Our packaging is amazing and works wonders while we move them around. No breakage! We will be starting to use small boxes instead of cellophane bags for just two cookies. We are also investing in our trademark "checkered" red and white tablecloths. We also shared our visit to the Ark in Kentucky with our neighbors and they were excited to know all about it. Sweet people. We love them all and pray that the Holy Spirit helps us to show others that Jesus loves them and that they can be assured of salvation upon accepting Him as their Lord and Savior. Like I said....a GLORIOUS day!

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