Saturday, October 1, 2016

Well this is a big week for this wonderful little ministry. We start back at the High Springs Farmers Market this Thursday and if you live in our area you may just see a few signs around pointing the way! I'll make sure and take lots of pictures this week so I can share the blessings of this ministry with you. It is so wonderful to see the signs the Lord has sent our way just to let us know that we are doing exactly what He wants us to. We want to help others especially children. We have two new cookies making their debuts this week. We have our Holy Moses Chocolate Cookie that is the best chocolate cookie I have personally ever eaten. We also have a seasonal cookie we are debuting this week called Simon Peter's Pumpkin Eaters. This is our version of a pumpkin snickerdoodle. A soft and chewy delight for your holiday palate! I'll be sure and post photos of these two new cookie blessings! The air is still warm here in Florida, but us seasoned veterans can feel the crispness in the breeze beginning to start. This is by far my favorite time of year! I love the holidays and I'm so happy to have such wonderful Christian ladies to share it with. God has blessed us all and continues to bless this ministry!

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