Friday, October 21, 2016

What a week! You know cookie bakers get tired too! It is a good tired though. We raised more money for our outreach programs this week and this makes us happy. We are still a fledgling ministry, but God has been leading us full-steam ahead. Every single one of us made a mistake this week and cost us some cookies. And you know what? We got through it and nobody died! LOL! It's a miracle! Alot of cookies died though. (insert funeral dirge here). I'm glad that I mess up every once in a while. It helps to keep me on my toes and it also keeps me humble. I love this ministry so much. I pray that God continues to bless it and that the Lord leads us always. Jerry's Barber Shop in downtown High Springs is selling our cookies like crazy. I took an Ouch Pouch into the shop to show them and they loved the idea. Thank you Jenny Musen for this spirit-led outreach! It is spreading like wildfire. The farmer's market was a bit slow Thursday because of the heat, but we did have two repeat customers who came back for more Lemon Pizzazz and Sandy Cans. We had an order for Simon Peter's Pumpkin Eaters and some cut out Halloween cookies. The baking team worked so hard on Thursday. God has blessed this ministry with workers who truly love the Lord and also love others. In the end it all came together perfectly. We made our own buttercream frosting and it tasted amazing. The Simon Peter's Pumpkin Eaters are gorgeous don't you think?

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