Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Truly God Devotional 12

Truly God Devotional 12

I love sitting in my yard. I love decorating it in the spring and summer. I have outdoor cats and they sit with me outside nearly every day. Each one has a unique personality and they add a lot of joy to my life. Still, nothing adds the joy that my relationship with Christ does. No matter what is going on in my life I rely on Him completely.

The cookie ministry has really been taking off and being a workaholic well, let's just say that I am up to the task. The Reachers Sunday School class is made up of the hardest working women I know. Our class includes a missionary to Africa, a Gideon, a registered nurse, a pastry chef, and me...a church librarian/workaholic! We really want to live out our faith by reaching others for Christ.

This is the last devotional in this Truly God series. It's not over because I wanted it to end. It's over because someone needed the book I was using more than I did. So, God ended this devotional on the number 12. I don't have to tell you that there's some serious 12 stuff going on in the Bible. Anyway, I thought I'd end by listing the titles or descriptions that Jesus told us about who He was and is. I'll end with another little story about a dream that I had concerning cookies and Jesus if you can imagine that!

Here's the list: Jesus is: Spirit Renewer, Gift Giver, Deity, Ascender, Water Giver, Messiah, Anointed One, Son of Man, Gift of God, Life Giver, Healer, Judge, One with the Father, Bread of Life, Securer, Protector, Holder, Raiser-Upper, Last Days Champion, Deliverer, Sacrificial Lamb, All Powerful, Light, Rock, Leader, God Glorified, Missionary Messiah, Good Shepherd, Rescuer, Blood Payment, Universal Authority and Savior.

Here's the dream: I'm sitting in a very homey kitchen and someone is at the oven with an apron on. The oven is open and cookies are going in or coming out. I'm not sure which. The person turns around to me and it is Jesus. He is baking me cookies! He smiles really big and says, "You think you make good cookies just wait until you taste mine."

Has Jesus ever came to you in a dream? I'm thinking probably so. If you don't mind commenting I'd love to hear your story. They say that many people have had a vision of Jesus or a dream of Him. I like that! Thank you Jesus for being my savior, my friend, my cookie baker! Woot! Gonna start a new devotional next week. Not sure what yet, but I know the Lord will send someone to tell me what it should be or He will tell me Himself. Love to all!

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