Check out our cookie flavors and prices! We use only the very best ingredients. All of our cookies are large at 3 ½ to 4 inches in diameter. These cookies are top quality, and proceeds go toward furthering other ministries!

**We deliver! Deliveries for the High Springs and Alachua area only. Please order at least three business days prior to your delivery date. To order, call or text Cyndy at 386-867-5403. Payment will be due upon receipt!**

Mazie Mae's Oatmeal Raisin
This cookie is named after one of our volunteer's mama. Mama is 91 this year! She also helps with our cookie ministry. This is by far the best oatmeal raisin cookie you will ever eat. Woot! It's packed full of juicy raisins, chewy oatmeal and crunchy pecans. A perfect combination. Our cookie recipes have been tweaked to give them a wholesome goodness that just can't be beat. We are always on the look for firstfruits and these are cookies that we would happily lay at the feet of Jesus. We promise that you will have a religious food experience with these gems!
*Shortening, Eggs, Sugar, Flour, Salt, Nutmeats, Raisins

Lemon Pizzazz
Our church's favorite cookie! Lemony glazed goodness! They are a lemon-flavored candy cookie. These are lightly browned and then glazed with our special, homemade lemon glaze, made with real, fresh lemons. A light crunch with a large dose of chewy goodness. You have got to try these! They will make your toes tingle! Mmmmm good! We aim to please!
*Shortening, Eggs, Sugar, Flour, Salt, Lemon

Nut N' Butter
A wonderful classic peanut butter cookie that is gluten-free. We take great care in making sure that every step in the preparation of this cookie avoids gluten. Hunks of peanuts, high end peanut butter, and a special extract make this cookie a memorable one. Just the right amount of crunchy smoothness! So yummy! We make these cookies with great pride. One of our biggest sellers!
*Shortening, Eggs, Sugar, Peanut Butter

Chips Aholy
Chips Aholy cookies are such a marvelous combination of chocolate flavors that the sheer richness of them will make your hair stand on end. Crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. A simple, but elegant and outrageously good cookie. Amazingly deep down chocolate flavor. Add a glass of milk and hit the cookies until the blues go away! One of our wonderful American traditions! On top of all that it is a wonderful cause and what could be better than that?
*Shortening, Eggs, Sugar, Flour, Salt, Chocolate

Sandy Cans
This cookie is named after our fearless leader Sandy Mitchell. She leads and teaches our Reachers Sunday School class at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church. These cookies are an over the top version of regular old Pecan Sandies. Ours aren't old or regular though! Biting into one of these gives you a soft but crunchy goodness that is surely a treat. Not hard and not soft, but just right! Coconut and pecans make these so tasty. If you enjoy Pecan Sandies you will definitely enjoy our over-the-top Sandy Cans! Can we get an “Amen?”
*Shortening, Eggs, Sugar, Flour, Salt, Coconut, Nutmeats

Clayton Caramels
Clayton Caramels are a sweet and savory cookie named after one of our youth who spent his Summer in the kitchen with us “young at heart” ladies. What a wonderful young man! This cookie is chewy goodness with a chocolate, caramel, and salty twist. This one will make you drool with delight!
*Shortening, Eggs, Sugar, Flour, Salt, Chocolate

Molasses Blast
This cookie is a blast from the past with a new spicy twist. A little heat with your treat! These cookies contain 8 different spices that make them so unique and tasty. They are crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside with a light sizzle on the way down. That's where the “blast” comes in. Superb!
*Shortening, Eggs, Sugar, Flour, Salt, Molasses

Simon Peter's Pumpkin Eaters
This cookie is a pumpkin snickerdoodle cookie with a ton of pumpkin and a ton of cinnamon sugar goodness. Chewy overall, soft on the inside and crispy around the edges. The most perfect pumpkin cookie we have ever eaten. Wait until you taste them!
*Shortening, Sugar, Flour, Salt, Cinnamon, Pumpkin
Chocolate Charlies
If you're a chocolate lover, then this is the cookie for you. Chocolate Charlies are named after a member of our church family who is constantly giving to others and who happens to love chocolate. This is a totally decadent cookie that is loaded with three different kinds of chocolate. The great thing about this cookie is that some batches are a rich mixture of white, dark, and semi-sweet chocolate while others are a mixture of unsweetened, bittersweet, and semi-sweet. The one thing you can be sure of with this ultra-amazing cookie is that it knows no bounds when it comes to the irresistible flavor of Charlie's favorite comfort food ingredient! Choco-latte!
*Shortening, Eggs, Sugar, Flour, Salt, Chocolate